Why doctors suggest us should keep having sex life?

Why did doctors suggest we should keep having a sex life?

The main benefits of sexual life are: 

1. Release the pressure of life. 
2. Adjust the endocrine, so that the ovarian function to maintain a normal state. 
3. Stimulate blood circulation, skincare. 
4. Promote metabolism, enhance memory. 
5. Reduce the occurrence of heart disease. 
6. It can slow down the aging process. 
7. Can reduce the incidence of vaginitis, endometritis. 
8. It can relieve menopausal symptoms. 
9. It helps you sleep. 
10. It can reduce the symptoms of dysmenorrhea. 
11. Keep your mind and body happy. 
12. Can regulate the mood, reduce the occurrence of depression. 
13. Reduce the incidence of breast cancer. 
14. Increase immune system function. 
15. Increase the feelings between men and women. 
16. It can increase happiness.

But what do we do when our sex partner is not around us? You may need a companion. A substitute for your sex partner, a sex toy.

Here is a recommendation to all-female around the world. Prepare a vibrator in your room, in your personal place.

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