OTOUCH CHIVEN3 - Male Electric Realistic Stroker

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OTOUCH CHIVEN3 - Male Electric Realistic Stroker 

Getting On-Demand Simulated Oral Sex Has Never Been Easier!  

OTOUCH CHIVEN3 stroker sex toys brings you realistic sexual pleasure. 

Lock the door, enjoy the oral sex with a warming mouth!

The OTOUCH CHIVEN3 electric male sex toy is ready for a thrilling pleasure experience for you!


According to the survey, the average length of an erection in American adult men is about 15 cm(5.9in)

stroker sex toys

The electric masturbation toys launched by the OTOUCH Sex Toy store for men solo masturbation in Europe and the United States can meet all huge penis size masturbation needs.


OTOUCH CHIVEN3 realistic stroker sex toy provides fantastic oral stimulation and is also self-heating. This big penis blowjob simulator automatic gay sex toy has a nice, discreet case and is easy to take everywhere with you.

Made from body-safe silicone and ABS plastic, safe and skin-friendly.

The cheap electric men automatic bj cup made in medical silicone simulate real vaginal sex and release your hormones.

Just like the real deal!

OTOUCH CHIVEN3 stroker sex toys masturbator is comfortable to hold and features an anti-slip pattern.

OTOUCH CHIVEN3 electric sex toy for men is silent and waterproof.

Take OTOUCH CHIVEN3 stroker sex toys into the shower after morning wake-up, or at the end of a troublesome day. Soak in the tub and drift off into nirvana as your OTOUCH CHIVEN3 electric male sex toy gets busy below the waterline.

Use water-based lubes for comfort and BTW: you'll experience more pleasure, juicy contact inside the entry.

OTOUCH CHIVEN3 cheap electric male sex toy has warming function will get you to a maximum temperature of 40℃  (104℉) and can be turned on and off separately.

Vibrating massager for men with warming function Can be enjoyed with or without low or high warming function heats up to 104℉ (40℃ )

Research (and some very satisfying test subjects) have convinced the manufacturer, OTOUCH CHIVEN3 electric male sex toy, that the heads of most penises respond very positively to the combination of stimulating vibrations and on-demand warmth. The realistic feeling of what feels like a hot mouth is hard to beat!  

OTOUCH CHIVEN3 electric male sex toy features 3 intense 6 vibrations and it's easy to switch between the different settings with the buttons on the bottom.

OTOUCH CHIVEN3 electric stroker sex toy is perfect for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease.

The ideal sex toy for men who gets off best when the tip of his penis is stimulated and definitely for guys who enjoy full penetration or shaft-based pleasures and interactive features.

sex toy for men

BTW, OTOUCH CHIVEN3 big penis stroker also has an ergonomic easy-grip, non-slip finish for when things get crazy. The inside is an inviting shade of warm pink, with a smooth and seductive silicone interior ready to surround you with hot body warmth and hi-tech stimulation. The soft silicone interior features studs and ridges that provide optimal stimulation for your penis. Always use some lubricant on the penis for extra comfort.

You'll want to hold on and enjoy the ride!

stroker sex toy

Waterproof Charging Jack

USB rechargeable, 1.5 hours charge time, up to 1-hour play.

It has a battery life that outlasts most of the competition.

male masturbator

male masturbator

OTOUCH CHIVEN3 male masturbator sex toy isn't just a solo toy. It's perfect for couples foreplay, too! Also, use it for your own "edging" self-pleasuring sessions. The controls are all right in front of you. A joystick button that also lets you select your vibration mode, with Plus (+) and Minus (-) controls to regulate the speed. The warming function is easy to operate, marked by a thermometer icon.



  • Material: Silicone, ABS plastic
  • Size: 189*87*83 mm 
  • Vibrate Mode: 6 Frequency
  • Heating Mode: 2 kinds
  • Water Resistance: IPX6

Package Includes:

  • 1xCHIVEN3 Masturbator
  • 1xUSB charging cable
  • 1xInstruction manual
  • 1xPouch


After each use of the male masturbator cup, The automatic male sex toy can be easily cleaned with tap water and gentle hand soap and discreetly stored in your OTOUCH pouch. 
To recharge your male masturbator, simply plug it into the included USB electric male masturbator charger cable and let it power up between use. All OTOUCH oral sex simulator for men will arrive on your doorstep in plain, discreet packaging. 
Every masturbation will be the best experience.


    OTOUCH CHIVEN3 male electric masturbator cup is recommended for men solo or couples, make pleasure feels like a real mouth.

    Couples can have fun with this stroker sex toy as a foreplay aid and more. 

    OTOUCH CHIVEN3 stroker sex toy has a good waterproof (IPX6). Most similar electric male sex toys cannot do it. OTOUCH CHIVEN3 Masturbator cup is a cheap male sex toy. But the quality is very good. Made from body-safe silicone and ABS plastic, which is safe and skin-friendly.

    You should know about what is healthy masturbation!

    Masturbation is a way to "pleasure discover", "sexual training", for your sexual partner or solo masturbation.

    We do not encourage masturbation but keep a healthy sexual life from better masturbation.

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    OTOUCH CHIVEN3 - Male Electric Realistic Stroker