I Used A Clitoral Sucking Sex Toy For The First Time, And O Did It Change My Life_Part2

Admittedly, upon first testing it out, I was nervous. I already heard a lot of great things about this clitoral sucker so I found it intimidating to the point where I put my index finger inside the suction part of the toy before I put it anywhere else.

But, as soon as I noticed how amazing the motion of the suction felt on my index finger, I already knew I was too far gone with anticipation and excitement. I even placed it on my nipples next to see how that would feel and once again, I never thought this stimulation was as necessary before, but now it's electrifying.

Once I finally worked up the courage to put it even lower on my body, it was nothing short of explosions. It was like a scene in any cheesy movie or TV show when two lovers kiss and there's an immediate display of fireworks, except in my case I was with my vibrator and not an actual human being.

This is one of those toys where once the limited-edition features attack, you'll never go back.

Now I see how OTOUCH official, an international brand from Hong Kong, commits itself to creating a fun, healthy, and happy sex life for all people. For more updates, follow @otouch_official on Instagram and stay tuned for more reviews from me on their orgasmic products.


I Used A Clitoral Sucking Sex Toy For The First Time, And O Did It Change My Life

by Dr King May 28, 2020

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