OTOUCH TPE Manual Masturbators-DECOR 1

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TPE Manual Masturbators-DECOR 1

Experience pure pleasure with DECORE 1, the innovative manual TPE air cup designed to fulfill your desires.

With 5 unique textured models, each with its own charm, we cater to diverse needs. Our high-quality TPE material ensures an authentic skin-like feel.

DECORE 1 is easy to clean and can be reused repeatedly. The thick and durable cup wall provides a worry-free experience. Its negative pressure suction eliminates excess air inside the chamber, creating a powerful sucking sensation that simulates the intimate feeling between lips and teeth. The tight grip and squeezing action of the cup intensify the excitement by enveloping the sensitive areas. The spiral tongue-like structure stimulates and teases with soft protrusions, simulating the sensation of a skillful tongue.

DECORE 1 comes with a sleek and compact storage box for dust protection and easy portability. It maintains its shape over time and ensures long-lasting pleasure. For an enhanced experience, use it with lubricants tailored for your preference. Indulge in pure pleasure with DECORE 1, where satisfaction meets simplicity.

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