OTOUCH NINJA- Glans Sucking Massager

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OTOUCH NINJA - Glans Sucking Massager

Glans Sucking Massager Oral Sex Toys For Men

NINJA glans sucking masturbator provides fantastic oral stimulation and is also self-healing. The warming function will get you to a maximum temperature of 45 degrees Celsius and can be turned on and off separately.

The glans sucking masturbator features 8 intense vibrations and it’s easy to switch between the different settings with the buttons on the top. NINJA glans sucker cup also silent and waterproof.

Always use some lubricant on the penis for extra comfort.

NINJA glans sucking cup comes with a USB cable so you can quickly recharge it and a convenient storage bag. Clean the toy after use with lukewarm water and a toy cleaner.

NINJA glans sucking masturbator is an amazing oral sex toy for men. You're worth it.

Glans Sucking Massager

The tongue has always been an integral part of sex, and the touch transmitted through it is unparalleled in its beauty.

Every man fantasizes about his lover's tongue swirling around his scrotum and glans.

OTOUCH® has been trying, to make real oral sex toys for men that can be licked.

NINJA Glans Sucking Massager was born, with its sexy little tongue.

This amazing male oral sex toy has a naughty little tongue, with over 2,000 beats per minute, you can feel the stimulation from your tongue, and although it's not as flexible as a real person's tongue, you have flexible hands that allow it to lick at every sensitive part of your body.

Glans sucking has always been a sexual experience I've dreamed of.

Having NINJA oral sex toy this glans sucker makes me an emperor every day. It licks my glans and sucks my nipples. This is my favorite thing to do!

Do you want one?

Oral Sex Toys For Men

There is always a vibration that will make you come.

Vibrations are the preferred feature of the male oral sex cup.

It is a pleasurable experience that your hand or sexual partner cannot give.

The NINJA Glans Sucking Masturbator cup has 8 frequency vibrations.

Try the different vibration modes of the NINJA Glans Suck Masturbator to find the one that works best for you.

The vibrations through the masturbator cup don't just make you cum. Its main function is to stimulate the sensitive nerves in the glans area and give you a quick erection.

After regular stimulating glans exercise, you can reduce the sensitivity of the glans and make you last longer in front of her. This is a man's dignity.

If you want to have solo masturbation, you can experience the sensation of having your glans licked while being vibrated to ejaculate inside the masturbation cup. There is no way you can resist such a temptation.

BTW, this also adds fun to foreplay between sexual partners.

Ps. Before you insert this male oral sex toy, please give lube on your glans. This is essential!

Oral Sex Toys

Why are masturbation cups more popular than pussy strokers?

Most pussy strokers are exceptionally revealing. A vulva mold that is displayed in front of your friends or family.

Maybe you're not embarrassed, but what about them?

The Pussy stroker experience is also not bad, we do not deny that.

But is it hard to choose between a masturbation cup with a vibrating function and heating and a cold silicone hole?

And the NINJA oral sex toy for men has a nice diamond-shaped cut-out look, just like a craft.

The biggest advantage of the masturbation cup over the pussy stroker is its concealment and functionality.

Oral sex toys for men are also difficult to sharing. Maybe we should get a more concealed oral masturbation cup.

And respect everyone who wants to masturbate.

Sucking Massager

The most Silent Vibrator Masturbator

Adding sex toys to your masturbation routine can reap a variety of benefits. Sex toys can add some extra stimulation and help you explore your body in a way that you can during alone time.

But some vibrators are very loud, and there are many reasons why the buzzing sound can be annoying.

You may not really want your roommates, families or neighbors (there are some thin-walled apartments out there) to know what you're doing, or the sound may just be bothersome when you're trying to relax. You may also just want to masturbate with a sex toy without letting your girl know.

No worry, OTOUCH® NANJA male oral sex toy is a quiet sex toy for you, from oral stimulators to vibrators, to help every invisible masturbator have a pleasurable sexual experience in peace.

Less than 60DB of noise, even when you put the penis deep inside the nose will be less than 40DB.

This can completely solve your worries.

Sex Toys For Men

NANJA oral sex toy for men is a 100% safe male oral sex toy

Are you worried about the safety of your oral sex toys?

Most of the hazards of sex toys come from the sex toy materials.

Choosing 100% safe oral sex toys for men should start with the materials of the sex toy.

Sex toys touch the most sensitive, vulnerable parts of your body, the safety of using them, or the safety of sex toys' materials.

Silicone TPR/TPE and ABS materials are the most used materials in adult toys.

But it's hard for regular people to distinguish between them. OTOUCH® is known for its seven-year integrity brand, and we sell countless sex toys. All of them are made of medical-grade materials. It is completely harmless to human skin.

Our silicone material is also used to make baby pacifiers, bottles, and other baby products. We have 12 years of experience to identify if the material is safe and harmless.

You don't have to worry about this problem when you choose any of OTOUCH's sex toys.

Penises are sensitive and fragile and cannot be subjected to hard impacts, so we use soft silicone. It can even mimic the feel of a real vagina.

OTOUCH® strives to be the best in all areas of sex toys to provide the most perfect & safe sex toys for our customers.

male oral sex toy

The Size Of NINJA male oral sex toy.


Ps. NINJA male oral sex toy is best used to train your glans.

We add a soft tongue, you can use it to stimulate your scrotum or nipples and other sensitive areas. You have to put the glans into the cavity, that the sound becomes minimal.

glans training cup

Product Attribute

• Material: ABS+Silicone

• Function: 8*Vibration + 2* Heating

• Waterproof: IPX6

• Product Size: 75*80*120 mm

• Giftbox Size: 105*85*155mm

• Weight: Appro 315g

• Packing Details: Masturbation Cup, USB charging cable, user’s manual, storage bag

Why NINJA Glans Sucking Masturbator Cup Is A Fantastic Oral Sex Toy For Men!

“Fantastic device !!! Does what it should do: good stimulation with little effort. Many different settings and intensities, heating element, feels good, cleans easily ….. Top device for a very reasonable price. I should have done much earlier. The Otouch is really a godsend! Man man man, what a great device! Especially with lubricant it feels great. Once stiff, it sucks a vacuum, which is a very nice feeling. The variations in vibrations are top notch. I can’t keep it up much longer than 5 minutes :-) Easy to use, beautiful design, and easy to clean. It doesn’t look like a vagina, but your hand doesn’t look like that either :-D”

Rated By  C. Nonie 15-01-2020


The NINJA Glans Sucking Masturbation Cup, which trains your glans, also an unbeatable male oral sex toy.


You should know about the Glans Trainer!

Glans Trainer toy Specially made for the glans, however at the upper echelon of sexual pleasure. They’re crafted to behave similarly to actual human partners while usually offering hands-free support so you can do other things (like click the mouse or turn up the volume on your porn movie).

Before buying the very first Glans Trainer toy, There are some things we should know.

--Will a Glans Trainer sex toy feel anything like the real deal(as vagina sex/blowjob )?
--Is the Glans Trainer toy really worth all this money?
--What if the postman sees my package and calls me a loser???
The world of Glans Trainer toy is a functional and recreational sex toy, so don’t be afraid of trying something new and exciting, even if it seems strange at first.
A good male oral sex toy is better than anything else in this world, any man who has experienced the amazing male oral sex toy will tell you this.
Better than money, better than a vacation in Hawaii, and often better than regular sex!

People are always curious about OTOUCH® NANJA oral sex toys for men on the internet, and the same questions always keep rising up. OTOUCH® Support Team decided to list some of the most common questions you get on this list so that you won’t have to look for these answers elsewhere.

---Does a robot blow job really feel anything like a real blowjob?
Well, yes! But not.
NANJA is a Glans Trainer, it also takes pleasure for you.
For example, after orgasming, you will not have any obligation to please the other side, you can just relax!

--What about clean this oral sex toy for men?
--How do I clean my NANJA oral sex toy for men?
You don’t need any special products to clean this oral sex toy for men, just water is usually enough.
Do I need any extra accessories to use one of the blowjob machines?
YESSSSSS!! The only thing you absolutely do need is a water-based lubricant. Without it, your penis will get sore, as some of the oral sex toys for men is really tight. Trust me, you don’t want to experience a glans training without any lubricant. In the case of all oral sex toys for men, you have to replace saliva with a water-based lubricant.
Other than a lubricant, you really don’t need anything.

--What if the postman sees my package and calls me a loser???
OTOUCH® commitment!!!
This will never happen!!!

sex toy delivery


Blowjob machines toy is for adults only, people under the age of 18(21) should not buy it.

Please read the product manual carefully before using it.

Please refer to the instruction manual for details or precautions.

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OTOUCH NINJA- Glans Sucking Massager