Otouch Chiven2--Male Oral Vibrating Masturbator Cup

To finally take care of the men, my friend Krümel offered to help me as a tester. Therefore, there is the first report on a heat mastubator today.
The Otouch impresses at first glance with a modern but simply designed black cardboard box, on which a picture of the product is shown from the front. If the word "masturbation" did not adorn the packaging, the masturbator could also be mistaken for another high-quality packaged technical item. Inside the packaging is the Otouch in a small black bag, a small charging cable and the operating instructions, which explain the functions of the Otouch in the common languages.

Material and feeling test:
The device looks high-quality processed at first glance. It is provided with a black, roughly rubberized surface from the outside and therefore lies well in the hand as well as because of its grip surface. A bit in front of the entry channel, the rubber surface merges into a soft and smooth pink silicone surface, which also feels well made. If you try to press inside the product with your finger, you will feel a lot of hollow space, as well as the corrugated areas and other parts that are probably responsible for its further functions.


Options and application:
Before use, the Otouch should be connected to the charging cable for a short while. To do this, you have to plug the cable into a small hole on the top, which feels more difficult than with conventional devices, since it has been made narrower with rubber to prevent water damage.
To turn it on, the power button must be pressed for 3 seconds, causing the Otouch to vibrate immediately in the first of its 6 modes. The modes range from continuous vibrations to varied rhythms and can be changed by briefly pressing the same key once. If you want to change the intensity of the vibration, you can do this with the plus or minus button. There is also the temperature button, with which a small heating unit can be switched on, which is to heat the interior to 40 ° C.
If you want to get the limb into the cavity, you should definitely work with a water-based lubricant of your own choice. In addition, if necessary, the heating mode should also be switched on before use, since it takes a short moment until it has reached its full warmth. The chamber does not become evenly warm as a result, but rather only in the upper area, which feels very unusual and a bit strange.
The introduction itself does not run "smoothly" due to the vacuum, but it does not necessarily represent a major problem and the Otouch is relatively stuck afterward. Since the insertion channel is also not very long, most men will not get their entire penis in, which was another small minus point for me personally.
Now a vibration level can be set as desired and the intensity can be selected. Due to the vacuum, however, only stimulation by vibration remains, since no friction can be generated. For me, it was a bit unusual at first, but after a short while, it was very relaxing to let it run first at a low intensity and then continue to increase until the climax.

Value for money: The Otouch actually did exactly what it promised. For my taste, the heat function could be more uniform and the interior a bit longer, but the latter was probably a design decision on the topic of “blowjob” and at a price of € 34.99 you can't really complain.
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Further recommendation:
If you can do something with pure vibration stimulation and just like to sit back and enjoy, you are well-advised with this device. I would personally buy a masturbator for this money, which creates the usual feeling of friction. But here everyone has to decide what they need or want.

Excerpt to: https://thebluebirdproject.com/2018/09/14/1266/


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