My Pet--Otouch Clitoral Sucking Stimulator

The pets I’ve been had in my life have been loyal companions that have brought me joy and happiness. They’ve made me smile, they’ve comforted me when I’m down and they’ve helped me through difficult times. Recently a new kind of Pet was gifted to me and in our brief time together with brought me a different kind of joy, happiness, and pleasure.

The new pet I’m referring to is Pet from OTOUCH. Pet is a toy that both simulates oral sex with a rotating tongue end and offers up the suction of some of my favorite air touch toys from other vendors. The rotating end of the toy offers up four different speeds, two in each rotating direction. The suction has three speeds, low medium and high so while there isn’t much variation it gets the job done. I enjoy any of my suction toys to start off in a mild pattern before ramping things up and this does just that. Pet also offers two heating modes so there is no worry about placing a cold toy on your clit. Pet comes with a luxurious storage bag and a USB charging cable. I’m a big fan of having storage bags and I love that OTOUCH seems to have included this feature with some of their toys. We also received a men’s toy that we’ll feature in the coming weeks that also came with a storage bag!

Her/Our Experiences…

To be honest, my best experiences with Pet were when we were together. I had a few chances to masturbate with Pet on my own and I got off but its shining moments came with him either masturbating by my side or with him behind and inside me. Its very easy to hold if you take this into the shower and the buttons are spaced nicely so there really is no worry about fumbling around while you’re trying to cum.

As I’ve said earlier, OTOUCH recently offered us the chance to try a toy for each of us. A day after receiving we decided to put on one of our favorite short movies and masturbate together. Before trying all of our toys we make sure to give them a quick wash which often leaves the toy cold on contact with my body. Its something I’m not put off by but it can be annoying. When I placed the warm suction end of Pet on my clit I was VERY happy. No initial jump, no cold feel, just warmth and that ever so enjoyable suction. The first speed is underwhelming so I quickly switched up to the second speed and stayed in that mode for some time. I really appreciated the build of the toy laying there in bed and reaching to pleasure myself. Some toys in this genre are on the small end so it can be difficult holding them when you’re about to cum. With the video moving along and him sliding his hard cock in and out of his toy I felt myself nearing orgasm so with very little effort I clicked the button to power up the suction and within moments brought myself to orgasm. The most powerful suction is just right for me and I absolutely loved how simple it was to click the function buttons.

Having missed the opportunity to play with the rotating end of the toy in our previous time together I asked him to join me in the shower with Pet before getting our day started. Having never really played with this wheel type of toy before I was intrigued. The wheel is lined with what looks like tongues-so the flicking is supposed to mimic the sensations of oral sex. Having both Pet and his mouth in the shower I handed the toy to him so that I could compare. With my back against the wall and him on his knees, I let him work on my pussy with his very talented mouth. I love when he goes down on me while I’m standing up. There’s just something so hot about grabbing his head while he’s working me. I love it. So although I could have let him take me to a very satisfying orgasm with his mouth I asked him to pull back a bit and use the wheel end of the toy. While it was a pleasant feeling it wasn’t really like the oral sex I’ve received. What helped me to appreciate this function of the toy was his hand grabbing my ass and his eyes fixed on mine.

Again, when he’s pleasuring me from a standing/kneeling position I’m done so I asked him to set the toy down and continue with his mouth. I didn’t stand a chance and just moments after he set the toy down and placed his tongue to work I came as he pulled me towards his face. He loves, and I mean LOVES sucking on my clit just after an orgasm and he quite nearly made me collapse to his level on the shower floor. I needed him to hold me up in those first moments post orgasm.

My Conclusion…

OTOUCH has a very fun toy with Pet. Pet falls into a category of toys that I am always a fan of and quite nearly always recommend. Multi-purpose toys are wonderful because they hit two different categories of toy users. Some toys do both categories well, some do one very well. I’ve still not had a multi-purpose toy that fails on both of its uses. Pet is a wonderful suction toy-I really enjoyed getting off on my own and with him at my side. Its incredibly easy to hold and offers enough variation while I’m using it. The rotating wheel is a function I’m still working with. I enjoyed the feel of the toy as it spun but I haven’t had an orgasm with this function so I’m still not sure what to think. Pet is definitely an interesting toy that I’m happy to recommend as it’s abilities as a suction toy are fantastic.

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